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Blogging 101 - How To Write A Blog Post

Blogging 101 - How To Write A Blog Post

If you are one of the many people who have started blogging for business reasons, you may be wondering how to write a blog post. Although blogging is definitely a valuable skill, you do not have to be Shakespeare to begin writing it. Rather, think of the most common themes among blog posts which actually are read and shared by those who visit your website. They either answer a burning question or resolve an issue.

First, think about the importance of reading your post. How does the overall format convey the message you are trying to get across? One way to accomplish this task is through its readability. Just like in formal academic writing, there are some rules which must be followed. In blogging, it is very important that the reader will have a basic idea of what he or she is reading about in order to fully understand it.

Second, when it comes to how to write a blog post, think about the structure. Do not forget that it is part of your overall effort in blogging. You should try to structure your thoughts into a logical sequence. The best thing about this style of writing is that readers will be able to follow your flow of ideas easily. In addition, they will feel more engaged if you have already engaged them in the first place. Blogging is indeed an interactive experience and the blog post should encourage this.

Next, remember that your readers also want to learn new things. Hence, think of ways on how to write a blog post which will keep your readers entertained as you share something new with them. It is never bad if you inform your readers in the first paragraph about some information they may not have known. By the way, this is one of the secrets on how to attract readers.

Furthermore, as you continue with your writing, use jargon that your readers may not understand. This is especially useful for those who are brand new to blogging. As such, before writing your blog post, think of terms that your readers may not know so that you won't lose them in the sea of words. Always remember that your goal is to keep them interested.

7 tips on how to write a blog post will also guide you on how to introduce your topic. Begin by giving a brief background about the person or the subject of your blog posts. Then, go on to the introduction paragraph and immediately divert the readers' attention to the main idea of your content. Then, move on to the succeeding paragraphs by briefly outlining the succeeding ideas.

Another tip on how to write a blog post is related to SEO (search engine optimization). Most bloggers are aware that SEO plays an important role in attracting more visitors to their blogs. However, the issue is not how to optimize your blog, but rather on how to make your content readable and interesting for both the search engines and your readers. As such, here are some helpful suggestions on how to increase your blog writing's readability and SEO value:

These seven tips on how to write a blog post will surely aid you in the process of improving your writing skills. Keep in mind that your goal is not only to impress your readers, but it is to make your readers want to read what you write. In doing so, you will be able to achieve two goals simultaneously. You will first get more readers to read your blog posts and at the same time, increase the SEO value of your writing.

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