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How to Find Voice Over Scripts

How to Find Voice Over Scripts

In the world of voice over work, where are the best resources to learn the craft? Where are the tutorials, the courses, the software and the guides that will help you succeed in this field? Believe it or not, there are actually websites and communities dedicated to this area of work. Many of these sites have online courses and forums where you can get your feet wet in learning how to be a voice over actor.

But of course, just like any other thing, you get what you pay for. If you want to learn how to be a voice over actor without spending too much money, you can always go for one of the free tutorials found on some of these sites. These tutorials won't offer you much, but will at least give you the fundamentals and perhaps enough to whet your appetite. It is after you have learnt these basics that you will have to invest in your own voice over scripts and maybe even an audition.

There are also forums that allow you to ask questions or give feedback to voice over scripts. It is here that you will find true love for this profession and many such forums have active members who will gladly share their experiences. If you don't know where to look for people who are willing to share their opinions and experiences, you can try a search engine. Try Google, Yahoo! or MSN.

In this case, if you type in "voice over" along with the town where you live, you might come up with a list of forums where you can find people. You may also look up the names of local recording studios. However, don't limit your search too far either. Most voice over artists work out of home, so they might not even be easy to find. A simple search on Google will reveal a large number of results.

Now that you have all the leads you need, it is time to contact them. Visit their webpages and listen to their samples. Read their profiles and check out their work samples. Chances are, you will like what you hear. Remember to always ask for their contact details and get in touch with them if you have any other ideas or wish to discuss further work.

After you have done this, it is time to contact an agent who deals in voice over scripts. It is important that you understand the kind of work you want to do. You should also choose an agent who has previous experience dealing with your kind of voice over scripts. While agents can be found using your search, it is much faster to contact the ones closest to home. Your family and friends might have such an agent, or might know someone who does. If not, there are plenty of freelance websites you can visit to browse for voice over talent.

The advantage of using a freelance website is that you are under no obligation to do any work with them, unless you so wish. You can use them to find voice over talent and discuss which scripts they feel could be best suited to your requirements. They will do the work on your behalf, and you can collect your payment in a short space of time. This saves you the time and stress of having to organize meetings, phone calls, and trials with agents - all of which can take weeks if not months to set up.

Finally, there are websites that cater to voice over scripts. These sites contain a huge range of voices and are perfect for those who need a voiceover artist but cannot find one locally. Many of these sites are membership sites, where, for a monthly fee, you can access a huge list of voice over talent. Some of the voices may require more work than the first couple of recordings and will be more expensive. But the site can save you a lot of time by providing high quality voice over scripts.

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