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Make Your Own Whiteboard Video.

Make Your Own Whiteboard Video.

Whiteboard Video and How They Work for You! Whiteboard video and interactive web seminars have many advantages over more conventional presentations. They include many facets of a conventional interactive video, but they also add an artistic twist that the regular video is drawn onto the screen as the whiteboard video goes live.

This is called whiteboard animation and it is a lot of fun to watch! It has been especially popular on the Internet and in education because of the inherent novelty and creative process involved.

If you want to know more about whiteboard video or want to start creating your own, it is easy! There are many whiteboard video tutorials available online, particularly those that focus on whiteboard animation. Just Google "whiteboard animation" and your results will be numerous websites offering lessons and tips for this unique technique.

To begin with, you need some basic computer skills so you can set up your own webpage (an online whiteboard video studio is a great way to start). Then get some free graphics and photographs from around your house/lifestyle/place and convert them to black-and-white pictures using a graphics program like Photoshop.

These photos will be used for layers in your photo whiteboard video, and you will need to convert them into a.BMP file to make them compatible with most video and animation software packages. Once you have done that, you just need to get some free clipart and little animations. There are many sites on the Internet that offer clipart for whiteboard video makers to use. The better sites usually have a large variety and offer free clipart for download.

In addition to photos and videos, you will need some text. You can find free clip art online, but it is best if you can create your own artwork using professionally made clipart. You can find a lot of templates online that are very easy to use, and there are also some tools that make the creation process easier. It is best to choose one of the best whiteboard video production process sites that allows you to try different templates first. This will help you select the one that best suits your needs.

Your final product will be a series of custom whiteboard animation drawings that you and your teacher will be able to work together to develop a storyboard. Each drawing is made on a blank whiteboard marker or interactive whiteboard so you can make changes and do sketches and layouts right on the board. This is a great way to capture ideas and develop stories while simultaneously having fun learning animation and whiteboard animation techniques with your teacher.
Some whiteboard animation sites offer both simple and complex layouts, so you can work with the software and your teacher to develop your own customized layouts.

If you do not have a storyboard, you can simply use pre-made videos and images that feature cartoon characters, animals, or scenery. As your project progresses, you can add in special effects, special props, and other elements to your original images. The sky is the limit!

Of course, you do not have to limit your creativity with whiteboard animation. In fact, the instructor will be able to provide you with an array of props and ideas that you can then add to your project. When you start out in the project, you will likely want to give more attention to some topics than others, so you can learn about each topic in depth as you work on your project. You can use your imagination when you are working on your whiteboard animation courses and make as many changes and adjustments as you wish until you are satisfied with your project.

If you are a complete novice at creating whiteboard videos, you can rest assured that there are dozens of free online whiteboard animation maker programs that you can use to get started. These programs offer you everything you need to create professional quality whiteboard videos right from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in whiteboard videos, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment. With a computer, whiteboard software, and an internet connection, you can create professional whiteboard videos right from home for little to no cost at all!

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