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My Top Five Best Music Videos Of All Time

My Top Five Best Music Videos Of All Time

So, what is the best video to promote your music? That is a question that I am sure everyone has asked at some point. While music videos can be eye catching, they often lack the verbal communication that captivates a viewer as well. Videos like Taylor Swift's" Taylor Swift", with the excellent graphics and excellent choreography, are two of my personal favorite music videos. However, for whatever reason you choose to use a music video, it must meet the standards set forth in the Production Code of the United States National Association of Broadcasters (NASDAQ: RIAB).

Gomez's" Gomez Can't Buy That Ticket" is another example of an exceptional video. With excellent choreography and the perfect voiceover from Jennifer Lopez, the entire song is a visual feast. In my opinion, though, the best videos are the ones that do not go over the top in the beginning, but instead keep their momentum consistent throughout. This is what Jennifer Lopez did with her song, "Adele's Back".

This music video had the ability to draw me into its storyline by utilizing very beautiful shots of the actress performing and by combining the storyline with excellent choreography. There was no point in having a music video without some good text to read like an article or review. This song was so good that people bought the album before the video even came out. YouTube got lucky by picking up this one first. If you go to YouTube right now and search for Adele's Back, you will see what I mean.

What makes Adele's Back so great is that it does not feel like there is any song coming that could compete with it. The song maintains its popularity throughout the entire video. Not only is it a great dance song but Adele's voice is totally charming and makes this a great music video. It seems like she is telling the audience just what to do and they really get into the song.

This next one is my personal favorite. Beautiful visuals really make this a memorable video, and this is one of the best music videos of all time. This single had the biggest single day of revenue during the year 2021. The video went platinum and broke the iTunes record. This single is "Hills", by Blur.

When I heard this song, I was very interested because it has a beautiful instrumental. The problem is, it is not very easy to dance to and watch someone else do the dancing. I could not figure out how someone could put together such a beautiful and catchy tune like Megan Thyer. Eventually, I found a guy who knew what he was doing and who created a fantastic video for it. All I can say about "Hills" is that it is one of the best music videos ever made and should be on every music lovers must have list.

"Clara" by Pink Floyd features David Bowie in the lead role as David Ginsberg, who is an icon in the world of heavy metal and ballad. The video is directed by Watts and features some fantastic choreography by Simon West. The song is about two lovers, who love a girl named Clara and want to get married. They spend a lot of time getting ready for their big day and there is some amazing choreography throughout the movie. The choreography is spectacular and so is the video.

The final song on the list must be "Don't Worry, Be Happy". This is my favorite by The Beatles. It is so simple, and it just about makes you feel like you are on top of the world. The song's name is" Twist and Shout" and there is an awesome video for it as well. If you love music videos, you need to see this one.

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