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What Is Graphic Art?

What Is Graphic Art?

A discipline of fine arts, graphic art encompasses a wide array of visual art expression, usually two-dimensional, that is, drawn on a flat surface. With the advent of computer software, graphic artists have more freedom than ever to express themselves artistically on any size of canvas, using virtually any medium. There are many different types of graphic art and the evolution of graphic design has created a new breed of graphic artists who are able to market themselves through their visual art.

One type of visual artistic expression that is common in modern graphic art is typography. Typography can be viewed as both an art form and a discipline of the fine arts. In typography, the arrangement and shape of characters in a typeface is used to suggest the alphabetic appearance of words. The different types of typography include sans-serif, serif, script, mono-space, and calculator fonts. Each of these styles of typography has its own look, and it is up to the designer of a piece of graphic art to determine what visual aesthetic desired for a particular piece of artwork.

As stated earlier, the evolution of graphic art has created new types of graphic art. Some types of visual artistic expression that fit into the definition of graphic art are photography, watercolor, oil painting, and pop art. All of these artistic expressions have developed from the medium of printing. Photography can either be a point-and-shoot style or a camera lens. Oil painting is an example of a visual artistic expression done on paper.

In terms of fine arts, paintings are one of the most widely used visual arts. Paintings can be categorized according to the medium of paint, the way the colors are portrayed, and the depth of the painting. Historically, the largest portion of the population in Western countries were painters. This form of art came about because of the need of the masses to have more artistic expression. These painters were needed for many things including the decoration of their homes.

In terms of the history of graphic art, the best examples come from the art of the Chinese, Indian, and Persian cultures. One of the most famous of this type of works is called the Book of Changes (chang ji liu). In this creation, Chinese calligraphy was combined with geisha painting, along with Chinese calligraphy, and came out to be the first recorded book in the Western world. In India, there were different forms of graphic works such as beadwork, sandstone carvings, and bead embroidery.

The Chinese were known to be the world's first creators of vegetal images (such as the concept of the symbol of a dragon with ten heads). They were also responsible for writing one of the earliest known texts - the Book of Contents of the Yellow Emperor. The Indians are said to have created the world's first alphabet, which they used to write down words that had no equivalent in the English language. Their graphic arts also included complex illustrations, stone carvings, woodcarving, and even music and dance.

The evolution of graphic art did not end here. It has evolved in many different ways, with new forms coming out constantly. Many people are under the impression that only professional graphic artists are responsible for all the wonderful works of art on display all over the world. This is simply not true, as there are many individuals out there who are talented at creating images, and have done nothing else but take it upon themselves to turn them into masterpieces.

One type of artist that is extremely well known in this regard is environmentalists. An individual with this type of training is responsible for creating images that promote environmental awareness. This can also include creating images that show pollution and waste problems. There are many other environmental graphic design professionals that focus on using images to convey messages of importance to humankind.

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