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3 Guest Posts On High Authority Web 2.0 Websites

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$150.00 USD
Guest Posting Bundle with promotions to boost website traffic & sales.
Every Product or Service needs an audience to get publicity and sales. Getting visitors can be a lengthy and tiring process. It may take weeks, and in some niches, months for a website to gather a considerable audience. Media Placement or Media Coverage reduces the time taken to get the word out much faster.

That is where our expertise can help. We offer 20 high authority guest posts or advertorials on high authority 2.0 websites and get them seen by a massive audience. We will also write these 20 unique Guest posts for you. Each post will be 750 words long. All you have to do is give us the keywords and the landing page URL. We will create 20 unique Sponsored posts and then use our expertise to ensure we secure the best Media Coverage for your business. We will go a step further and promote these 20 sponsored posts as well so there is a regular flow of passive traffic to your website. You will get a good mix of Do Follow and No Follow Links. The Media Placement we offer will get your services or products in front of your targeted audience.

Let’s say you just started a new blog dedicated to Pets and use it to promote your online shop where you sell pets accessories and stuff. A sponsored post or an advertorial on a highly authoritative relevant website will drive an interested audience to your website where they can find more about the topic. By doing so, you will not only gain increased traffic to your website but also potential customers who might be interested in purchasing from your online shop.

What is a guest posting?

A Guest Post is written and posted by an individual on another person's blog. Guest posting is a beneficial tool for driving Traffic to your website, product and online reputation marketing. They get your brand name, or your company's logo, mentioned to potential customers.

Using guest posting sites guarantees Media Coverage through organic search results is an excellent strategy for content marketing. Search engines are always looking for new content, and they love websites with fresh, new content. Guest posting is what advertorial was to the print media.

✔ Increased traffic on your website which may result in increased sales and revenue.
✔ Access to the trust and viewership of a much wider audience with the same interests as your blog/website.
✔ Up rank your blog/website in search engines for the targeted keywords.

How does it work?
Your part:
✔ Place and complete your order on our website
✔ Provide the Keywords or Titles for the 20 articles and the URLS. We will contact you for this once you finish the payment for the order.
✔ Once we finish the work, we will email you with the links of where the Guest Posts are placed.

Our part and deliverables:
✔ Write 20 Advertorials of 750 words each.
✔ Media Placement of 20 Unique Sponsored Posts on 20 different High Authority 2.0 Websites with real traffic.
✔ Market and Promote these 20 guests posts and ensure the guest posts are seen by a wide audience.

Disclaimer: The 20 backlinks are depending on available sites. We will get you the best 20 sites available at that moment for the guest post.

    How The Entire Process Works

    After you complete the purchase, We will email you and request for all the details which are needed to complete the service. Service will be delivered in 3 to 5 working days.

    7 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If for any reason you are not satisfied within 7 days, We will refund 100% of your money back. Just email us at and request for a cancellation and get refund within 7 days.

    Need Customizations or Want to Add A Bundle?

    We understand that you might need to add a few more bundles to this package or enhance it further to have a better outcome. If you wish to customize your current order, please contact us at

    KYC Requirement

    For certain digital services, we will need the buyer to fill a KYC form before we can deliver & fulfill the order. Once your order is placed and the payment is completed, our team will get in touch with you via email within a few hours and request for the necessary information to complete the KYC. List services which require KYC - Advertorial Placements / Distribution, Press Release distribution, Publishing any content on our network of sites, Email Marketing Campaigns, Ads on our network of sites.

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