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We Will Create a Comprehensive E-Book on Your Chosen Topic

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$59.99 USD

About the Services:

Target Audience: Ideal for coaches, educators, and businesses looking to offer valuable resources to their audience or clients.
Service Offered: Crafting a detailed and informative e-book on a topic of your choice, establishing you as an authority in your field.
Usefulness: Enhances brand credibility, provides a valuable resource to your audience, and can serve as a lead magnet.

Service Details:
Writing an e-book that covers your chosen topic comprehensively.
Structuring content for easy reading, with chapters, headings, and actionable takeaways.
Including relevant images, charts, and case studies to enrich the content.

Customer Needs to Provide:
A detailed brief on the topic, scope, and objective of the e-book.
Any specific case studies, data, or images to be included.
Desired e-book length and format specifications.

Delivery: Digital delivery of a professionally written e-book, ready for distribution or sale, formatted according to your specifications.

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